Wednesday, November 08, 2006

today's special

First, thank you guys for your comments and stories. It's so easy to feel alone and crazy in working to develop a sound relationship with food. You start to wonder, Could anyone else on this planet possibly think about cookies as much as I do? But we all have our moments, our battles, and our victories with food.

Today's Good Eat is lunch, Trader's Wine Country Chicken Salad on a whole wheat pita with greens and tomatoes. The asparagus with carmelized garlic is garnish. Just kidding. Although, I do have a few stalks left to eat. I wish there were adequate words to describe just how delightful this chicken salad is. I find chicken salad as a concept just okay. But this version, with its pecans and cranberries and canola mayo -- it doesn't sound like it goes, but you have to taste it to believe it. Naturally, anything this tasty must be consumed in small doses, it's not exactly low in calories. To compensate, dinner is vegetable soup.

By the way, I have a newfound respect for food photographers. I found it nearly impossible to get a shot of the meal that didn't look like the pita was throwing up.

On a non-food note, I'd like to acknowledge Nancy Pelosi, first female Speaker of the House. I'm feeling more than a little proud of the strides American women have made. Now all this country needs is Michelle Robinson Obama for First Lady.


Ellen Bloom said...

HmmmmYummm...I've never tried TJ's chicken salad looks and sound delish. Thanks for the recommendation.
BTW, your food photos look great! Did you remember to push the close-up button on your camera? Looks like you did. Even the lighting is good. I've found that natural lighting is best, with the flash OFF.

See you at the WeHo SnB?

afrowalking said...

So that TJ dressing is called Champagne Pear Vinegarette with Gorgonzola ... I lightly tossed it with fresh sweet greens from the Larchmont farmer's market ... topped it with pieces of lightly smoked peppered salmon filet from Whole Paycheck (I forget the brand) ... YUMMMMMMEEEE! :-) Had me dancing like "Happy Feet"!

I love little Mumble by the way and wish to wear a T-shirt with him on it! - grown as I am! :-)

jessie said...

One of the tenets of healthy eating is to eat colorful meals (not Froot Loops, though) and this meal qualified. It looks delicious, too!

Ellen Bloom said...

OK, I'm done with the pita. What's for dinner this week?

L.A. Ell

sappmama said...

Ellen, you're so right. The pita's officially GROSS!