Monday, November 20, 2006

Miss Jennifer Holiday, 1982 Tony Awards

Yes, Jennifer Hudson. Okay, Beyonce. But, really, Jennifer Holiday.

When the hoopla surrounding the movie Dreamgirls reaches fever pitch, let's all take a moment to remember who put the Broadway production on the map.


afrowalking said...

Gurl ... YES! Thanks so much for doing that! I still wanna see the movie though :-)

Ellen Bloom said...

Wow! Great clip! Mostly, I'm impressed with how you transferred the YouTube clip to your site. I think you're becoming an internets whiz-kid, Ms. Carla!
Happy T-Giving!

L.A. Ell

Deborah said...

...and speaking of plays two of my all time favorites are Timbuktu - earth kitt and an amazing cast of beautiful singers and dancers. The other one is Colored Museum. Thanks for the video!

sappmama said...

Hey, 'fro, I still wanna see the movie too. Just don't want my girl Jennifer, who was, like 20 when she did this, to be forgotten.

Ellen, we're talking lots of bang for the blogging buck! Ha ha. It's so easy to post stuff from YouTube that it's almost laughable! All you do is register your blog and they do the rest.

Deborah, I love The Colored Museum. "The Last Mama on the Couch" -- poignant and hilarious. I've never seen Timbuktu. Gotta check it out.