Thursday, July 20, 2006

happy birthday, ellen bloom

Here's to you, Miss Ellen. Your devotion to art is an inspiration, your joie de vivre, infectious. You are generous of spirit, fabulous of taste, and a downright hoot to craft with. Sure, Mr. Larry comes to the party every now and then. And yes, he knows how to spark things up (see Maserati Ken, below), but it's you who packs the house week after week, keeping a couch potato like me coming to see what you've made, hear what you'll say, and bask in your presence. Tell Mr. Larry I say he's lucky indeed, because, Ellen, you're simply the best.


Ellen Bloom said...

Carla Doll!
You are sooooo sweet! Thanks so much for the lovely tribute! I also LOVE the photo of us on my couch making granny squares! We all look so happy!!!!!

sappmama said...

Ellen, the pleasure's all mine! Sorry I missed you guys last Thursday, I still suffer from "new job fatigue."