Saturday, July 29, 2006

excuse me while I kiss the ball

Here I am giving love to my new boyfriend, the yarn ball that ate New Jersey. Natalie and I went out last weekend and, naturally, found ourselves in a yarn store. Nat's declared No Yarn Summer, but at Stitches From the Heart in Santa Monica, we lucked upon this Interlacements El Paso yarn that came in a 1058 yard, 16 oz skein. It's made of rayon, cotton, silk, and linen and would make all kinds of crazy Lady Eleanor shawl goodness. There were two skeins, priced at $24 each. There was no way either of us could resist, but during the 2 hours it took me to wind it by hand, I kinda wished I had. Still, a ball of yarn big enough to take a girl out to dinner can't be all bad.


woolanthropy said...


That is pure yarn porn!
You are looking too sexy with that yarn ball. Too sexy!
You need some A/C STAT!!!
dang! too sexy.


sappmama said...

Something about a 115 degree apartment! I thought maybe I was starring in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.