Saturday, March 11, 2006

look who stayed for dinner

Major life changes are underway for me. The kind that already have me whirling like a dervish, wondering where I'll stop, hoping it's a place of grace. At a time like this, a girl needs a friend, and I am on a mission to make amends with an old one.

Starting Monday, I'm going to open up a can of whup-ass on my UFOs. I've considered moving on without them, but the Bad Voice started screaming at me, You're a bum! You never finish what you start! You're so fickle! Who do you think you are, wasting all that money?! So everything I've started is either going to get frogged or finished, so me and knitting can make love like we used to do.

First on the list is the dreaded Lake Erie Scarf (look at it, laying there trying to act all blameless and innocent). Yes, my father's birthday was January 29th. Yes, I've been working on the scarf since mid-January. Hell yes, I'm bored with it. Which is why I've only managed about two man hours on it this month. If anyone ever opens his trenchcoat and says to you, Psst, I got your reversible cable knitting patterns right here, run. This scarf eats yarn like a starving baby sucking on a teat. You knit and you knit and you knit and learn that it is indeed possible for time to go in reverse. Every time you work on it, it seems to get shorter. But next week, one of us is going down. And it ain't gonna be me.


Summer said...

I'm rooting for you.

jessie said...

You are on fire! Let's see those FOs!

Latoya said...

I'm scared just from reading. I feel for those UFO's. Can't wait to see them fresh and done.
Knit on!

Ellen Bloom said...

Carla Doll....Knitting always helps me center my thoughts...just keep at it and eventually you will know all!
Have you tried blocking that reversible cabled sucker? Pull it longer while you're steaming it. Who knows? Maybe you'll be done with the scarf before you know it!

sappmama said...

Thanks for the support, team! I really appreciate it. Ellen, I'm SO about to engage the magic of blocking. :)