Tuesday, January 24, 2006

sisters are doing it for themselves

Not a song I liked, in spite of the dynamic duo singing it.

Here I was, lazing around after a writing day, thinking, Geez, how hard could it be to post a freakin' link? Why not call in the Big Gun when I know I really need her? Truth be told I hadn't even tried to link. This is a shame, because one of the big lessons I told myself I'd take from knitting is to practice. Have a little patience, maybe a glass of Jim Beam, read instructions carefully, and dive in. Mark Victor Hansen suggests we make it a point to learn one new thing a month. My thing for this month is linking and I believe I've got it licked. Funny how after you learn something you see how much time you wasted being intimidated by it.


greyhoundchaos said...

you are such a beautiful writer. I hope you don't mind... you've been tagged! meme questions are on my blog.

sappmama said...

Thank you!

I happily accept your tag and will pass it on. :)

Summer said...

heee Big Gun. That's me. The Queen of The Internet!

sappmama said...

You betcha you're the BG! YEEEE HAWWW!