Sunday, June 05, 2011

traveling on, but here's been good

Well, ol' Purly Vee and I, we go way back now. The sign of a good relationship is an amicable parting. I'm moving on, but Purly Victorious will still be here. Thanks to everyone who ever visited; I've loved having you around. For a while, at least, you can find me here, and you can always e-mail me at carlitadee at yahoo dot com. xo


Natalie said...

Say it isn't so! I will miss hanging out here at Purly Victorious. I am kind of sad about this.

Ellen Bloom said...

I'm going to miss Purly-V too. Best of luck with the new blog!!

Orchidophile said...

Good luck and enjoy the journey. I must say that I have enjoyed reading your blog! Just the other day I told somebody to let his freak flag fly! LOL!