Monday, January 05, 2009

for heather, with her cuppa


Hey now. Not gonna abandon this spot. I'm actually busy workin' for The Man. Last quarter I had the great good fortune to only have two classes to teach. This quarter The Man wants his pound o' flesh! It'll take me a week or two to get everything set up so I can keep the students happy (if the students ain't happy, nobody's happy), but I'll be dropping in in the meantime. My schedule is pretty scattered, though ideal for getting in some writing time. But now that I'm in a position to write something, I haven't decided where to start. I never go wrong with you guys (except maybe with whoever told me to think of lizards as warm and fuzzy, ha!), so WWYD? Here are my choices:
  • finish draft of old play that's very close to being done (good for instant sense of accomplishment)
  • start novel I've been threatening to work on since Cain and Abel walked the earth
  • re-enter last polish of first play into my computer (I lost it in a crash). This isn't really writing, more like just typing, but I do need an e version to enter into contests
  • start new screenplay (I've got a couple of unsaleable but interesting ideas, as usual)
  • write new play about a real-life character I researched a long, long time ago, and for which I already have a fantastic title, Fontanelle. (Isn't that the best word?)
Oh, nevermind. Icksnay on the advicekay. I'm going to start with the old nearly-done play. I need to feel like I've done something, STAT.

Anyway. Blah blah. It's a New Year (caps for freshness), which is nice. I want to do a wrap up of last year, but for some reason it makes me teary, even though things progressed. Plus, I still owe some prizes! I haven't forgotten (Heather and Ally B), and they top my sewing list.

Alright, I've babbled long enough. Gotta go to bed. Tomorrow The Natster is coming to visit! (Now I really wish I had a sofa.)


Anonymous said...

Heyyyyyyyyy, so good to hear/see you! Nice to know it's just work that's keeping you from checking in. Just finished up my cuppa and now I am off to the doctor.....what better way to spend the day?


golden star said...

I am so happy to read the purly victorious New Year post!

I was visiting yesterday and pulled up the "Another Oldie but Goodie" vintage machine posts. I learned so much from those postings and I realized that you are a soulmate because of your professed love of solid sewing machines!

I knew that I could learn more in my love of the metal bombers and you taught me a lot. I bought an old Kenmore based upon your advice and joined the vintage Kenmore yahoogroup. You always point in the right direction!

Now that I have FINALLY got the Kennie out and cleaned and oiled and running, I am blindly happy. Just ordered the manual and I think that it could be a long lasting love relationship.

Hari said...

Oh, Fontanelle is the best name. (it's I think Italian for fountain, and my best friend's middle name!)

And, lizards aren't warm and fuzzy, but they're definitely harmless. Come on, everyone wants to live at your house! (that's why we hang around here!)

Good luck with your writing! I know you said "no advice" but.... my advice anyway: DO IT!

AllyB said...

Hey! Thanks for the linky, I do appreciate it. Good luck with the teaching gig. Have you made nice with the lizard yet? You really should, it would put your mind at ease and help you sleep better, hehehe. Happy New Year to you and your little lizard friend!