Monday, August 21, 2006

a bit of swank

What I want is to complain about how overwhelmed I am with the new jobby-job, because, damnit, I am. But I haven't held my new position long enough to be that ungrateful. Besides, it is because of my overwhelming but much-appreciated job that I was able to afford a trip home last weekend. In between celebrating my sister's AS degree in nuclear medicine technology (yeah, she's smart like that), sitting with my grandmother who's battling cancer, attending a longtime friend's baby shower, and hanging out with Mister Stevens and THOASKATB (The Husband Once Again Sometimes Known as The Bubba) I asked myself, Hey, what would a Toledo yarn store look like?

I kinda expected Toledo's premier (and only, as far as I can tell) yarn store to lean on the acrylics with a heavy elbow -- from its post in a strip mall. But it turns out swank has come to town in the form of the Yarn Company. Check out the rag yarn. I bought the second ball from the left in the front row for an embarrassing amount of money (thanks, job!) seeing as it's just strips of fabric tied together, but I couldn't resist the colorway, or the idea of whipping up a fall scarf on 17s and setting it off with a bright and lovely aurora borealis brooch (okay, except for the aurora borealis part, I stole the idea from someone on Craftster. In fact, this person). Sure, I could sit around tearing up my own fabric, but I'm not that stressed.

Mister Stevens and his underwear welcome us to the world of fiber.

Don't I love it when they behave themselves in the presence of yarn.

The Yarn Company is a pretty sexy place. The owner wasn't in, so I couldn't ask where she got the inspiration for the decor. One of my favorite elements is the checkout counter, shaped like a horseshoe, which doubles as a scarf burlesque show.

A couple more, because, Oh, why not?

The requisite "Take a picture of me! I'm in yet another out-of-town yarn store!" But this one's all about my new best friend, Clapotis.

Yarn really brings people together.


jessie said...

Great pictures! I feel the love. :-)

Ellen Bloom said... sweet. I can see a Yarn-Adventure Travel Series in your future, Miss Carla! Excellent pix and review. Love the Clappy Photo of you!

L.A. Ell

Deborah said...

Love the name of your blog!

Stevie G said...

How did you get that pic of me and Alem holding each other ever so tightly?

sappmama said...

Stevie, you didn't know I suspected all along?

Thank you, Deborah and Jessie!

Ellen, you know I've still got to put up pics from San Fran & Portland. The travel series has begun!